Hi from Laura, the director of Creatures up Close. I created this company to share my passion and love for animals. Since I was in primary school, I have been doing talks about  animals and wildlife etc and have gained over 10 years experience volunteering in schools. When I was 14, I got a job in a reptile shop and brought home my first lizard. Since then I have built up a fantastic collection of animals so that others can learn and interact with.



We offer educational, fun, hands on talks with a variety of animals. Children of all ages can be involved and touching/holding the animals is strongly encouraged, so that they get the most out of their experience with us. All the animals we bring are very tame and have never bitten. They have also all been through a trial run to make sure they are ok with being touched and held by younger children (aged 1-5).




To start off with we have full public liability insurance, all the staff are CRB checked and we also have a performing animals licence. At the start of the party, a full safety talk will be given to everyone involved, and anti-bacterial hand gel and non-latex gloves will be provided. The gloves are for holding of the tarantula, if wanted.


The Staff

This is currently a family run business, so all our staff can work well together. A CRB is required for everyone working with us. Everyone is highly experienced with working with both the animals and children. Experience doing talks and interactive events for children with additional needs has also been achieved, with one of our staff members having over ten years’ experience working with such children. Everyone is also friendly and very easy to talk to. We have a minimum of 2 staff members present at talks/events.