Meet some of our amazing animals! They are all super friendly and love interacting with people! 

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Sumo is an african sulcata tortoise. This is the third largest species in the world. He is big and full of energy. Believe it or not, he is only 6 years old! He loves food, so everybody gets a chance to feed him at our events and parties.

Smaug the Tegu

Smaug is a columbian golden tegu. This is the smallest species of tegu, but they still get a good size! He is a big lizard with a wonderful attitude. Loves to be stroked and cuddled.


The Geckos

At Creatures up close we love geckos and keep various species of them. They are all very cute and energetic. Don't be surprised if they jump around a bit. They are very fun to have out and very friendly. In these photos we have Stripe,Fudge,Jessie and Bob. Click on them for more info.


Crash is a bearded dragon. At 16 years old, he is one of our oldest animals. He is refusing to retire because he loves being out and about so much. Because he is old, he is very used to people and a truly gentle lizard.


Pickles is our African Pygmy Hedgehog. He is a species a lot smaller than the hedgehogs found in the UK. His favourite foods are morio worms and special cat biscuits.

The Snakes 

We have a lot of different species of snakes here at Creatures up Close. They are all super friendly and easy to handle. In these photos we have Cuddles, Buzz, Sona, Cupid and Rosie. Click on them for more info.


Lloyd is our little horsefield tortoise. He is actually double the age of Sumo! He is super friendly and loves to meet new people, so he rarely goes inside of his shell.


Slinky is one of our newest additions to creatures up close. Being a Blue Tongue Skink, he is very intelligent and eats a wide variety of foods and we love to let people have a go at feeding Skinky at our events